Collins K-9, Inc was founded in 1986, by Wayne Collins, after
recognizing the need for canine services in schools, private business,
and for personal protection.

Our company benefits from his 30+ years of experience in handling and
training these special dogs for explosive and narcotic detection.    
Collins K-9 has provided service to U.S. Presidents, foreign
governments/dignitaries, movie stars, insurance companies, and
government agencies.  Our teams have searched schools, museums,
nuclear facilities, prisons, casinos, and many other areas.

We are licensed with the U.S. Department of Justice
& U.S. Department of Treasury.
Wayne G Collins
Brian G Collins
Brian G. Collins
Vice President
15+ Years Experience
Wayne G. Collins
President & C.E.O.
30+ Years Experience
    Our personnel's extensive training and experience gives us the advantage to assess
    any given situation from different points of view where other companies may not be as
    able to do so. We pride ourselves on our ability adapt to stressful situations and
    completing projects in an efficient fashion.

    Our personnel have been certified in the following areas of expertise:

    K-9 Narcotic Detection
    K-9 Explosive Detection
    Explosive Technician
    Certified MPCTC Law Enforcement Officer
    Certified MPCTC Firearms Instructor
    Emergency Vehicle Operations
    Hazardous Materials Technician
    Rescue Technician
    Emergency Medical Technician AED/CPR

    In addition to our personnel's current certifications we have also completed the
    following courses of instruction:

    EEO/AA & The Law
    Cultural Diversity
    Explosives, Booby Traps, & Bomb Threat Management
    Drugs in America
    Risk Management

    Our personnel are members of the following organizations:

    Fraternal Order of Police
    International Association of Fire Fighters
    National Criminal Enforcement Association
    International Association of Bomb Tech. & Investigators
    National Law Enforcement Canine Organization
    North American Police Work Dog Association
    International Police Work Dog Association

    Prior to employment all personnel have had full criminal history background checks
    completed. Including juvenile history and driving record checks.
Our Corporate Staff
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