At Collins K-9 we are committed to providing our clients with
    the very best service possible.  

    Our Services Include:
  • Facility Searches for Drugs/Bombs Include
  1. Locker Sweeps
  2. Parking Lot / Vehicle Searches
  3. Bathroom Searches
  4. Work Areas
  5. Lounges & Break Rooms
  6. Storage/Warehouse Areas
  • VIP Security Details
  • Safety/Security Consultation
  • Faculty/Staff Bomb Threat Training
  • 24 Hour Service

    A Few Points to Consider....

  • A drug-free workplace is required by law if your business is part of the
    transportation industry OR if your company receives grants from the federal

  • Canine searches provide a more complete and efficient search of large areas like
    schools, parking lots, warehouses and offices.

  • Canine searches screen a larger number of employees at once as opposed to
    random drug tests.

  • Random drug tests cost an average of $25.00 each.  A canine sweep, of an
    entire facility, is much more cost effective and can be tailored to fit the facility's
    size and individual needs.

  • Staff cannot search Employees, their belongings, or lockers without probable

  • Canine Searches DO NOT compromise the right to privacy since they are only
    alerting to odors of illicit drugs and do not take any consideration to race, sex,
    age, or other discriminating factors.

  • The canine itself is a deterrent to staff.

  • A drug-free workplace can reduce operational costs, preserve investor or
    shareholder interest, protect loyal employees, and improve products and services.

  • Maintaining A drug-free workplace will result in better service to customers and
    clients, increase profits, and help your employees lead healthier lives.

    Employee Drug Use Facts

  • Drug abusing employees acquire 300% higher medical costs and benefits, which
    consequently increases health insurance rates.  

  • Illicit drug users are five times more likely to file a workers' compensation claim.

  • Alcohol and drug abuse has been estimated to cost American businesses roughly
    81 billion dollars in lost productivity in just one year - 37 billion due to illness.  

  • Substance abusers have an absentee rate of 30 to 35 days per year!

  • Individuals who are current illicit drug users are more than twice as likely (9.3%)
    than those who are not (4.3%) to have changed employers three or more times in
    the past year.

  • Of callers to the National Cocaine Help Line:
  1. 75% admit to having used drugs on the job
  2. 64% report that drugs have adversely affected their job performance
  3. 44% say they have sold drugs to fellow employees
  4. 18% admitted they have stolen from co-workers to support their drug habits
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