At Collins K-9 we are committed to providing our
    clients with the very best service possible.  

    Our Services Include:
  • Residential Searches Including
  1. Yard & Exterior of Home
  2. Vehicle Searches
  3. Family Areas
  4. Bedrooms
  5. Bathrooms
  6. Storage/Garage Areas
  • Safety/Security Consultation
  • Bomb Threat Training

     A Few Points to Consider....

  • Canine searches provide a more complete and efficient search of large areas.

  • Canine searches will alert you to any residual odors of illicit drugs.

  • Drug tests cost an average of $25.00 each, and only indicate to drugs in a
    person's system and that have already been used.  Tests do not indicate where
    the drug abuser is actually using, obtaining, or hiding these illicit drugs, where a
    canine search can alert to places these drugs are not only hidden, but where they
    were hidden in the past.

  • Hand searching is tedious and inefficient, and can make a mess!

  • Canine Searches less intrusive and thought of as more fair by teens and young
    adults. These special dogs are only alerting you to odors of illicit drugs and will not
    expose any other "private" matters intentionally.

  • The canine itself is a deterrent, your teens will know you mean business when we
    show up!

              Teen Drug Use Facts

    **Please keep in mind that these statistics may under represent the actual drug
    use among teens because high school dropouts and truants were not represented
    and may have more involvement with drugs and alcohol than their peers. Early
    intervention significantly reduces a student's risk of becoming part of this growing
    number of teens.**

  • A 2005 Study found that close to half of all high school students in the U.S. had
    used Marijuana prior to graduation.  Research is also showing that those students
    who began smoking Marijuana before the age of 12 are twice as likely to manifest
    mental illness.

  • In a 2006 study, 62% of high school students stated that illicit drugs were kept,
    used or sold at their schools.

  • A December 2008 survey of high school seniors reported 32% had used Marijuana
    in the last year, and of those students 19.4% had used the drug in the last 30
    days.  This is a pronounced increase from only 12% in 1992.

  • As many as 32% of children who use drugs and alcohol before the age of 21 will
    go on to have serious drug addiction problems in the future that include altered
    judgement and continual drug seeking behavior.

  • March 2, 2010 - The Partnership for a Drug-Free America and the
    MetLife Foundation concluded a study showing more teens are using
    Marijuana, Alcohol and Ecstasy. Click here to visit their website.
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